by Misconducters

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1. Skyline
2. Top Of The Chain
3. Battlefield
4. Pariah
5. Born Down South
6. Vermifuge II
7. Pace Of Life
8. See Beyond


released September 11, 2017


all rights reserved



Misconducters Brazil

Blend of hard rock, metal and punk.

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Track Name: Top Of The Chain
Merging all partitions
Clearing up disputes
Urging new conditions
Toughening the roots

Selfish, cunning measures
Block the morning light
Bucketful of hate
A clog we have to fight
Self-made bosses
Corrupt, abuse and lie
That center of the universe
Conception has to die

Chaos, famine
Unrelenting exodus
Two-bit skills
Mass producing labourers
Bread, circus
Passive, yielding population
Fascist creed
Slow motion assassination

Beside personal beliefs
Lies the chore of self-release
Before the sky turns red
We must avoid bloodshed

A better future lies ahead
Not far away
Fend off the quiet living dead
The castaway
Shall rise and see the light of day

Mobs of rebel misfits
Growing more and more
Once rejected victims
Announce the final war
A final war, though
Just like the one before:
Another class takes over
Shedding never-ending gore

Taking over
Look for cover
Chaos rising
Track Name: Battlefield
Violence gives rise to violence
Surely there is another way to break the silence
It can be dangerous to hold your head up high
And walk your road under the open sky
In this battlefield

Terror, its best friend is terror
There are those who’d create fear to last forever
Well you’ll lose your heart when the good vibes drain
When the hopes are dashed only fear remains
In this battlefield

Suspicion breeds more suspicion
And when closed minds peddle hate the fearful listen
Down the local pub they say “send them back!”
May the rainbow fade to white and black
In this battlefield

Resistance, I live resistance
It’s the only way to protect my existence
When the threats are made I stand my ground
Defend myself with the freedom sound
In this battlefield
Track Name: Pariah
There is no truth
There is no lie
There ain’t no scrolls divine

There is no right
There is no wrong
Just various clashing songs

Turn to the left
Turn to the right
As long as it gets us to divide

Well so long, yeah so long
Time to say bye, goodbye
I won’t take sides in this swan song

Won’t play that game, no way

They will try and try
To fool you enough to comply
To their capriciousness
To a world of emptiness

In this game
You rise and fall
Walk through flames
Change skin and reborn

Like a race
Where no one wins
Credence ends
Doubt begins

It’s up to you to decide
Bow to them, or live your life

Chasing tail
An odd wayto survive
So focus and walk
Towards the light

Stand up and take control
Out of the box, into the unknown

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